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Eniyawa Community drive for Change and Development

Eniyawa village is one of the biggest populated villages in Suki with a population of over 800 people. Since the introduction of the healthy village concept in 2015, the community realised the need for a healthier living standard and have organised themselves to practice healthy living standards. CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) Officer, Cyril Yama, conducted a Community Action and Participation

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Communities Taking Health into Their Own Hands

CMSFHP Health Promotion Officer, Cyril Yama, distributing the buckets to Kautru community members. Empowering communities through targeted health promotion is helping individuals and families make changes to their behaviours. One such community where this is being witnessed is Kautru village in Suki Fly Gogo Trust Region in Middle Fly District. CMSFHP supports community health through promoting the Healthy Islands Concept, recognised by the National

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Roll out of Village Health Volunteer Program in Manawete and Kiwaba

A VHV trainee conducts health promotion activites with communities. For four weeks over August and September, 2016, training for new village health volunteers (VHV) was conducted in Kawiapo village in the Manwete CMCA trust region. Kawiapo village was selected as the training venue as the village began implementing the healthy island concept back in 2011. By conducting the training in this setting, it has

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Village showcases locally harvested food

A village in Western Province has proven it can plant and harvest local food crops even if the plants are not native to the region, to promote a healthy, balanced diet. Under the guidance of the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP), Kiru village has identified and planted a variety of food crops since 2015. Kiru is located

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