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Program Launch and start up patrols

The CMSFHP was launched in Kautru Village in the Suki Fly Gogo CMCA trust region on Saturday 27 July and in Aiambak Village in the Middle Fly CMCA trust region on 17 August 2013. The Kautru launch was supported by the Governor of Western Province, Hon Ati Wobiro; Chair of the OTDF Board, Mr Nigel Parker; CMCA Trustees; representatives of the National Department of Health, Provincial Health Office and health service partners; and community members.

In the 3 months following the launch, patrols have been conducted in each of the CMCA areas – Kiwaba, Manawaete, Dudi, Suki Fly Gogo and Middle Fly. These integrated patrols conducted 65 health clinics across multiple villages, seeing 3778 people while also collecting information vital for project planning. The value of up to date information is an important underpinning for helping us work with our health partners to achieve improved health outcomes.

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