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New Staff to Moian Aid Post

The CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) and North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP), through a Public-Private Partnership with District Health Services have recruited a Community Health Worker (CHW) for Moian Aid Post. The facility has been without a trained health personnel for over seven years. CHW Barry Panip graduated from Rumginae CHW training school at the beginning of 2016 and took his post at Moian in May.

The Aid Post serves a population of over 3000, which includes two nearby villages Kawok and Yuluwas in North Fly and another two villages in the Lake Murray area of Middle Fly District: Kilometre 41 and Bosiki villages. The nearest facility where the communities receive medical care is Kiunga Hospital. The travel time to Kiunga is a costly 30-45 minute boat ride, hindering access to health services for these communities. Furthermore, vital outreach health services such as family planning and immunisation occur irregularly and many children are not fully immunised. Without an open facility, individuals who were sick or required continuous case, such as TB treatment, were required to travel to Kiunga when the required treatments could have easily been provided through an aid post.

The community was very happy and thanked the Program for engaging a CHW for Moian Aid Post, and appreciate that health services will be now delivered right at their door step. Despite not having a health worker based in the aid post for over 7 years, the community faithfully took good care of the facility and the staff house. The infrastructure is still intact, with minor maintenance required. The community has taken good care of equipment and cleaning supplies even though there was no staff there. On hearing of the impending arrival of the health worker, the health committee built a new kitchen for the staff, and upon the CHW’s arrival, with the local councillor, organised for a general clean-up of the facility and the staff house.


Community members helping with the clean-up of the facility to welcome the new CHW.

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