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New Staff Houses for Health Facilities


Handover of the Rumginae CHW School staff house. From left, Cornelius Deasi of Starwest, ECPNG health manager Tapon Makota, Rumginae CHWS Principal Amos Kupaloma and NFHSDP Infrastructure manager Bill Opasa.

The final completion in construction of new staff houses is a sigh of relief for all development partners and stakeholders in delivery of vital health services in both the CMCA Middle & South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) and the North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP). The hardworking health workers serving the people in the CMSFHP and NFHSDP program areas now have new modern living facilities to reside in and concentrate on their work. Starwest, the building contractor engaged for the housing project, has completed a challenging housing project that involved difficult logistical and site issues. Earlier this year, eight three-bedroom staff houses were completed and handed over to partner agencies in charge of each of the respective health facilities.

The CHW School at Rumginae in North Fly District was the first one to have its new staff house completed in January. Although the house had the keys handed over in December, final electrical and plumbing works were completed in mid-January as Amos Kupaloma, the School principal happily moved into the building.

In February, Starwest completed houses at Obo and Bosset Health Centres in Middle Fly District and the two houses were handed over to ECPNG Health and Catholic Health Services respectively.

The remaining five houses were handed over in March after Starwest completed the housing projects, located mainly around the Fly River delta. Two houses were built each for the Tapila and Wasua health facilities while the last one was at Teapopo. Generally, there was positive feedback from the community regarding proper, modern housing for staff, especially in Tapila where the health extension officer lived in the next village due to the unavailability of a house at the facility. He now resides in one of the new houses at Tapila Health Centre making it easier for him to effectively carry out his health extension work from the health facility.

People from the surrounding village Mutam, Field base and Tapila community at large congregated at the health centre and into the new houses to inspect the completed buildings. Mothers were happy that staff would be living closer and be more available to attend to them when their families need help.

CMSFHP’s Infrastructure Officer Moses Anis and Health Promotion Officer Cyril Yama were on hand to facilitate hand-over of the five houses in the Fly River delta area. Apart from Tapila and Teapopo, Wasua was relatively more challenging to construct because of the limited creek passage access to the site. Despite the hardship, the overall housing project was completed in less than a year and leaders from Tapila, Teapopo and Wasua were impressed by the commitment and dedication of CMSFHP and NFHSDP staff in enabling delivery of vital health services to their doorstep.

The general aura and feedback of the completion and hand-over ceremony was positive and, according to Mr Yama, the people really appreciate what the program is doing through infrastructure, amongst other notable program activities.

Memorandums of Agreement will be signed to ensure that at the end of the programs, partners will continue to have full ownership and responsibility for the staff houses.


The completed staff house at Obo Health Centre.

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