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Mother and baby saved during the MCH patrol to Moian Village

It was during an integrated patrol to the villages of the lower North Fly that North Fly Health Services Development Program’s (NFHSDP) Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nursing Officer Veronica Kekae unexpectedly delivered the baby of a mother who was referred from Moian Aid Post with ante-partum hemorrhaging at 8 months gestation. The mother was experiencing early labor contractions on the dinghy ride to Kiunga when she spontaneously delivered just before reaching the Kiunga Waterfront on the 6th July 2018.

Nurse Kekae quickly requested passengers provide privacy on the dinghy and without an emergency delivery kit, used a plastic bag as gloves to safely deliver and immediately resuscitate the baby as it wasn’t breathing and crying. After landing at the Kiunga waterfront Nurse Kekae procured an emergency delivery kit from Kiunga Hospital and instructed the dinghy operator move to an isolated part of the river where she safely completed delivery of the baby. The mother and baby were then moved to Kiunga Hospital for placenta extraction and observation.

Both were later discharged from Kiunga Hospital without complications. The mother thanked the program for its assistance with safely delivering her baby and saving their lives.

Other villages visited during this patrol included Yulawa, old and new locations at Kawok and Batmini.

CMSFHP is funded by the CMCA portion of the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund and NFHSDP is funded by Ok Tedi Mining Limited. Both programs are managed by Ok Tedi Development Foundation and implemented by Abt Associates.

NFHSDP MCH Nursing Officer Veronica Kekae with mother and her new born baby girl Verolyn, named after Veronica and Linus the dinghy operator at Moian Aid Post.

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