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Health radio network restored

Most of the health facilities in the CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Programme (CMSFHP) area had HF Radios either requiring new accessories or a complete replacement. In the past few months, the Programme team have been travelling to the health facilities to repair the radios or, where required, install brand new HF radios.

The people from the communities gathered around to watch in anticipation the erecting of the masts and solar panels on the roof of their respective health facilities. To show their appreciation, the communities also lent a hand to the team as required for the installation of the HF radios. A community member from the Dewara Village said, “that is the first service done to our run down aid post and we are very happy about that”.

After installing a brand new HF radio in the Sialowa Aid Post, a test call was made to the Provincial Health Office in Daru and when they responded, all the villagers watching were just smiling and laughing with great satisfaction amongst themselves.

For now, the Programme has repaired or installed new radios at 16 of the 20 health facilities. Poor weather limiting travel has delayed the installations at Suame, Mipan, Tire’ere and Serki Aid Posts so they will be completed by November this year.

The HF radios provide a vital communication channel between health workers in remote facilities and their supervisors and other health facilities. The HF radios can be used for many purposes including ordering medical supplies, reporting health information, training and arranging referrals, including medical emergencies.

The communities are now very happy knowing their basic radio communication network has been reinstated.

New HF radio at Dewara Aid Post

New HF radio at Dewara Aid Post

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