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Eniyawa Community drive for Change and Development

Eniyawa village is one of the biggest populated villages in Suki with a population of over 800 people. Since the introduction of the healthy village concept in 2015, the community realised the need for a healthier living standard and have organised themselves to practice healthy living standards. CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) Officer, Cyril Yama, conducted a Community Action and Participation process to empower the community to identify issues affecting the community and their root causes. The community were urged to find solutions to these issues and prioritise them by importance.

With strong support from everyone in the village, a working committee was organised and with the leadership of the Village Councillor and the Village Planning Committee (VPC) chairman, a major clean-up of the village was organised. Families started digging pit latrines and growing more vegetables and garden crops. Fencing, constructed foot paths and flowers were planted along the pathways and around their homes. A community meeting house was also built in just over 3 days. It was noted that community meetings were previously conducted under the trees. Lawn mowers were donated by the ward member while the VPC chairman has nominated water tanks through the village development fund.

Meanwhile, the Eniyawa women’s group from the Suki Fly Gogo Trust took a step further by contributing cash to build a community resource centre and to assist women leaders to build partnership and networking with development partners. Under the leadership of Ms Gasuda Kana, a Village Health Volunteer (VHV), local woman representatives in the OTDF’s Village Planning Committee and Eniyawa Ward Development Committee women representative, Martha Buri, the women contributed over K900 during the initial meeting. “This is such a new approach we are taking as women are prepared to address issues affecting women in Eniyawa village. We want to set an example to other women in Suki and South Fly”, said Ms Kana. She further stated that women and children face a lot of health and social problems every day and are suffering silently. Local leaders from the village including the ward councillor and the Village Planning Committee chairman were very supportive of what the women were doing.

Kiwa village is another hamlet of Eniyawa village which is located along the Fly River delta. Through the Healthy Village concept, this community has built a community meeting hall and a 6-bedroom village guest house using local materials to support cash income for the community. The guest house is equipped with beddings, mosquito nets, cooking utensils and cane chairs. Guests have started using the new guest house and the community is making money. Guests will be treated to local wildlife and flora and visits to their sacred places.

The communities of Eniyawa and Kiwa are taking a different approach to bringing development and change themselves and are proud to be part of the Healthy Village Concept initiated by the CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program.

CMSFHP is funded by the CMCA portion of the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund through Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

Women from Eniyawa village contributing to building a community resource centre in the village

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