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October 2018

Data Collection Team visit 44 selected villages in Western Province

The North Fly Health Services Development Program and CMCA Middle and South Fly Health Program (collectively ‘the Program’) will end in December 2018. An endline evaluation is currently being conducted to assess whether the Program has met its goal to contribute towards strengthened primary health care (PHC) and health services in the North Fly District and Middle and South Fly CMCA Trust Regions in line with the Western

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Program assists with dispatching of earthquake disaster relief supplies to Adumari and Digasubi villages

On the 5th of July, the North Fly Health Services Development Program (NFHSDP) and CMCA Middle South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) assisted the Provincial Disaster Office dispatch disaster relief supplies weighing 949kg to Adumari and Digasubi villages. The relief supplies included clothing, cooking items, mosquito bed-nets and medical supplies which were distributed to the people residing at the Digasubi and Adumari care centres who

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Kawiapo Community take action through the Healthy Village Concept

Kawiapo village is located at the north bank of the Fly River in the Middle Fly District of Western Province. The community is made up of the Gogodala tribe and has an estimated population of 700 people. The village has a primary school and an aid post serving the local communities. It was one man, Mr Tolo Gauba’s desire to develop the community through

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